dreamblend cotton hoodie

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There's a reason your favourites always find a way to the top of the laundry stack. This Reebok training hoodie has a soft and comfortable feel that makes getting dressed a breeze. DreamBlend Cotton isn't just soft, it's so comfortable you won't want to wear anything else. A subtle Vector logo shows off your sporty side. Our cotton products are entirely sourced through sustainable cotton farming and are made with at least 50% Better Cotton.

Reebok Apparel Men Dreamblend Cotton Hoodie Forgrn




81% cotton / 11% recycled polyester / 8% elastane doubleknit

81% cotton/11% rec polyester/8% elasthane

Dreamblend cotton

Sourced from trusted partners who prioritise a focus on reducing the environmental impact of production and improving economic development in cotton-producing areas