Why do I have to wait for Reebok to receive my returned product(s) before I can get a refund?

Before we can start processing your refund, we need to make sure that your returned products meet our return's conditions.

We need to check and make sure the product(s) you returned:
  • Fall within our 30-day return period. That's 30 days since the day you received the order.
  • Aren’t worn beyond normal use.
  • Are in their original state and are not damaged.
  • Are in their original packaging.
  • Still has its original label or hangtag attached (in case of clothing).
  • As long as your product(s) meet the above criteria, we can reimburse your purchase price and delivery costs (in case of completely returned orders). If your returned product(s) don't meet the criteria above, we cannot accept the items and unfortunately won't be able to give you a refund.