What is the warranty on my products?


Our warranty policy covers against manufacturing defects within 1 year from date of manufacture (as listed on the product label), based on product authentication and original point of purchase. Products older than one year may not be eligible. Reebok does not repair items. We do not cover or have available for replacement the following; insoles, buttons, laces, emblems, drawstrings, or other decorative parts or pieces.

For orders, please use the self-service Returns tool found here if you purchased within the last 30 days.

For authorized retailer purchases, we recommend returning directly to the retailer for assistance. If they are unable to help, please submit a claim below.

For unauthorized distributors such as eBay or other 3rd party marketplaces, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer any support on these products.

Most claims are resolved within 2-4 weeks of form submission. Defective merchandise will not be returned to you once received by our Quality Assurance team. By submitting a claim, you accept all the terms and conditions of our policy and accept all decisions as final. Dependent on a formal evaluation, you will be provided with an online credit towards a suitable replacement, where possible.

The life expectancy of a product depends on the individual using it; their characteristic wear pattern and the conditions in which it’s used. Reebok reserves the right to determine between a defective product and normal wear-and-tear, and to reject any claims that have exceeded their reasonable lifespan or have incurred any damage not directly related to a manufacturing defect, including through misuse and accident. Our liability extends to the original purchase only – Reebok does not offer secondary replacements or further warranty assistance on items resulting from a previous claim.

If you believe your Reebok product is defective, please email the following information (copy & paste into the body of your email) to our Customer Service team:

  • Your name:
  • Mailing address:
  • Order #:
  • Article #:
  • Brief description of the defect:

Include the following attachments:

  • Proof of Purchase (copy of store receipt, screenshot of online invoice, etc.)
  • Clear image of full product
  • Clear image of defect
  • Clear image of Product Label (not the care instructions tag or the size tag)
  • For shoes only: clear image of the soles (bottom of the shoes)

Sample Product Labels

Depending on the product, this tag may appear in different places or in various forms. Below is where the Product Label is generally located on different items to help you submit a complete form.

Shoes – on the inner tongue or side

Apparel – lower left inside tag