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Clean, minimalist design keeps your look forever fresh. Consider these women's Reebok Classic Leather Shoes your blank canvas for style. Sharp lines and solid colours make it easy to pair them with anything. Behind the scenes, a cushioned midsole and soft lining add nonstop comfort.

Reebok Footwear Women Classic Leather Shoes Cblack/Pugry5/Rbkg03




Lace closure

Leather upper

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John Tabak
Unisex black leather shoe

I just got a new pair for the gym. I like the leather rather than fabric upper and plain black color. Most runners are borderline gaudy and jar with street clothes. Definitely a sporty walking shoe, not enough cushioning for running. Looks and feels good. Buy large for comfort.

Too stiff.

I can’t even give these a 1 star. I have worn the white version for 2 years and they were so comfortable but these black ones are not! It does not feel like real leather. My feet swell and then they are in pain. Do not buy

Left shoe hurts my foot

I really like these shoes, had them years ago when they first came out. Was so happy to see them released once more. Size fits no problem, the issue I have is the left shoe really hurts my foot on the inside where the tongue is stitched to the leather part. There's a huge bump there from the thick tongue fabric which inside bunches up and presses directly on my bone. The right show is fine, no issues. Very sad since I've worn these a few times now and can't return them...

Robin Hoyle Baker
Style and Quality Combined

I bought this shoe five years ago and having been wearing it almost daily since then. It was a perfect fit (size 6) and provided support I didn't get from others (including other Reebok models I have tried). After almost continuous wear in the last five years the only wear is on the tread which is wearing down at the ball of the foot. The interior and exterior show no signs of wear at all.

I love this shoe and its comfort and would buy it again without hesitation.

These run small!

I am a size 8.5 but l ordered these in a women's 9 as l do with all my shoes to avoid blisters.

I could barely squeeze my foot into these, l felt like Cinderella's gigantic footed evil step sister.

I am going to size up one even more and l hope they fit, because Reeboks are really comfy! And also the return policy is great, but if you don't have a printer it is a gigantic hassle!